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The Finest British Wool

At Devon Duvets, we take great pride in using only the finest British wool for our luxurious bedding products. We are proud to say that all of our wool is certified as traceable back to the individual British farm, ensuring that the farmer receives a premium price for the wool. By tracing back to each farm, we also ensure that only a single breed of sheep in used for our wool, maintaining consistent quality in our wool bedding products.


Our certification from British Wool guarantees that the wool we use is 100% British.  British Wool also have a role to play by working closely with DEFRA which is a government body that regulates farming and ensures that British Farms uphold the highest standards of animal welfare.

The Cleaning Process

We purchase our wool in its raw state, and oversee the cleaning process ourselves to achieve the high standards we require for our bedding. We do not use imported wool, scrap wool, bonding agents, linings or any artificial fibres.


The wool is washed and processed in British mills uniquely to our specifications without the use of chemicals, leaving the natural properties of the wool intact.


By choosing Devon Duvets, you are not only enjoying the most luxurious and comfortable bedding products. You are supporting good animal welfare and the best practices in British farming.


We take animal welfare seriously, and in addition to our wool being certified as British and traceable from farm to product, we ensure that our wool is shorn from live sheep each year in the centuries-old tradition of British farming.


We only accept wool only from spring and summer shearing, when the sheep are happy to be rid of their heavy fleeces. We never accept winter shearing or by-products from the slaughterhouse – our sheep return to the pasture to grow wool for the next season.

Authentic Traceable British Wool Logo
British Wool Logo
Skilled Workmanship

At Devon Duvets, we have developed a unique and special way for our wool to be needled. This, together with the skill of our seamstresses, enables us to handcraft each product individually, producing luxurious, lofty duvets that embrace your body, and sumptuous mattress toppers that provide a wonderful layer of comfort on your bed.


Our needling technique ensures that the filling is a consistent thickness and does not become patchy or clump together with use.